The Debt Realignment Initiative

For  a  global  problem  we  need  a  global  solution.

The Results
"Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains."                                  Steve Jobs

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The Results of Global Debt Realignment

The Chinese character for "danger" has the connotation of possible "opportunity."  Such is the case with the financial meltdown we see today worldwide.  We can turn the danger into an opportunity to progress immensely. It may have been expedient for countries to put into effect measures to forestall a complete breach in our financial and economic systems, but expedient measures are not a solution. The short-term measures we have put in place, and are considering putting into place, should be viewed as such -- short term. But these must not be relied upon.

We must put into effect a long-term restructuring of our economic and financial systems. Everyone says they are open to new ideas. Some say we only have one course of action. They are not looking at everything. We have the means to fix the present difficulties and the debt all at once if we are open to it.

We have to be imaginative, creative, able, visionary, bold.

This global challenge can be met with confidence and assurance that the financial systems work and that progress shall be had. If we choose a way to globally put the debt to sleep rather than shifting it to someone else we can see progress unimaginable presently by most.

We just cannot continue to take on more debt. All countries have many challenges. We must have an idea that works with the situation we have globally and within each country. We need something new. We need a change. We need to realign the global debt before us.  We need to fix the mortgage meltdown. And at the same time we can realign the currencies.  We can do them all. 

All debt is toxic. Toxicity goes up exponentially with mass. The more debt, the more toxicity. Debt realignment takes the toxic and neutralizes it.  We can get out of the difficulties we are in, ushering in a new golden age of progress and prosperity. 

If we free up people and resources from the yoke of debt, we will see a great progressive leap by humankind because we can then work without encumbrances to solve many of the world's problems. We would see on Earth a new golden age of prosperity. We would still have challenges, but we could meet these challenges fully funded.

We would be able to:
End the current global crisis.
Fund all banks worldwide.
Provide increased liquidity.
Strengthen all Central Banks.
Have credit available for massive building projects.
Assist depressed countries.
Put people to work.
Provide liquidity for the stock markets.
Fund research and development in renewable energy technologies.
Fund research and development in worldwide climate cleanup.
Build schools.
Rebuild our cities and infrastructure.
Enable financial markets to fully function.
Strengthen the world and individual economies beyond our wildest expectations.
Fund all our programs and projects.
Have an emergency fund.


We can repeat what we have done in the past and muddle on with hardships; with countries yoked by debt, struggling in a slowing global economy that is held back, stifled, backward; with the people of the world unable to reach their potentials.

The future is up to us.

This American has put this on the web for public scrutiny and for the world's leaders and people to know about and adopt. We, the world's people, through our leaders, have to make a decision. That decision will determine the course of the world for decades to come. It has been said that there are no other options but to take on more debt. This is the current thinking. This is an error. We need to rethink the problem and the solution. With Global Debt Realignment a new age of progress shall be achieved for the world's peoples and the countries in which they live. 

We have discovered some of the mysteries and workings of numbers. Numbers are tools. Albert Einstein referred to numbers as they described the architecture of the Universe as "the workings of God's Mind." We can use numbers for good or not. We can use numbers or we can allow the numbers to use us. The world stands at the crossroads of an important decision. May God Grant us the wisdom to use the numbers wisely by realigning them. 


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